Getting a Home LoanStormy Lyons

So you’re interested in buying a home and don’t know where to start – or maybe you do and just need a trusted resource. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As your Realtor I will guide you through many aspects of the home buying process and provide you with lots of tools and information along the way. I have over 10 years of real estate experience working with buyers and sellers, during that time I’ve also worked with many others who provide their expertise to my clients. I know you can search online or go into your local bank branch to find someone who will try to sell you a home loan. But I want you to work with an expert you can trust!

A home purchase may be your largest financial transaction to date, so it’s important to make the right decisions and have the information and guidance to help you. That’s where the assistance of your Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer team come in. Together we want to make your entire experience an efficient, pleasant, and ultimately rewarding one. So what’s next you ask?

Loan Process Overview of Steps

There are several steps in the process to getting pre-qualified to buy a home. Here is a brief breakdown to help you:

  1. Speak with my expert loan officer.
  2. Discuss your financial situation including income, debts, employment status/history, etc.
  3. Provide personal information and have credit report pulled for review by loan officer.
  4. Determine debt-to-income ratio (DTI) for how much home you can afford and qualify to purchase.
  5. Determine if credit score and DTI meets requirements for loan programs and discuss program options with loan officer. The loan officer will assist you in selecting the best loan to meet your personal situation and goals. (This single decision can save you thousands of dollars throughout the years!)
  6. Complete the pre-qualification process by providing requested documentation to loan officer. We will then receive a Pre-Qualification Form and can begin the search for a home with the ability to make an offer!

Once we find the right home for you and have an accepted contract the full loan process begins. This is about a 30-45 day closing process time frame. During that period the loan officer will do a lot of behind the scenes stuff with processing and underwriting. Additional documents are often requested from you, an appraisal is ordered and reviewed by the loan officer, then approval is received and loan documents are ready to be signed. Of course that’s just the major bullet points so you’re not overwhelmed with information right now. The loan officer and I will always keep you informed and provide updates as we move along each step. During the loan process we will also be completing steps on the real estate side too, like the home inspection(s), requests for repairs, walk through(s), and much more. It’s a busy few weeks for the whole team and communication between everyone is key to the success.

Working with me and my amazing team of experts will help make the process of buying a home enjoyable with great lasting memories along with your new home.

To get started with the pre-qualification process, or ask any questions please give me a call so we can discuss. I’m always available to my valued clients by email or on my cell at (480)785-6110. You can also complete the form here and we will be in touch with you right away.

If you speak with the loan officer and find out you don’t qualify right now then we can still help. We will work with you to determine a plan of action, provide you with personalized steps to take, information for success in improving your score, time frames for when you could qualify, and be here for you along that path to answer questions and continue to guide you. So you only have information and power to gain by reaching out to me and getting started on the home buying process.

Here is some additional information with rules to follow during the process:

The Ten Commandments of Buying a Home